Nipple Ecstasy

Nipple Ecstasy


Several months ago, I made the acquaintance of a Dutch pen pal on the Internet. At 23, Jens was tall and smooth with blond hair and blue eyes. From the pictures he shared with me, I knew that he was everything I ever desired. With a smooth, chiseled face, perfect teeth and a glow in his eye that told me that he could be as naughty as he was nice, I understood that I might be getting in over my head. At 35, I felt I would be too old for someone this hot, but after he saw my photos, he said he found me very attractive as well. Yet, he was in Holland, I in Chicago.

We wrote to each other at least once a week, describing our lives, desires and frustrations. I came to like him as a person during these disclosures. Unlike many Americans, he seemed at ease with himself and his limitations. When I mentioned my bondage fetish, he showed genuine interested. Yet, he said that his sensitive skin made him very leery of being tied up because he felt he would go insane trying to escape. Nonetheless, he seemed open to the possibility of being tied down and worked over — some day.

At the time of our introduction, he was still a student with no money to travel and I had just run out of vacation time at work. Yet, I decided it was up to me to figure out how to get to this incredible specimen. After 4 months of emails, my luck finally turned. A transfer in my company to our office in Amsterdam came up. I applied for the job and got it. The anticipation of finally meeting Jens was overwhelming. He promised me that if ever I made it to Holland, I could tie him up and have my way with him. I don’t think he was expecting this to happen as soon as it did, however, as my company sent me over with just 2 weeks notice. Now it was time for him to keep his promise. My numerous fantasies of what I would do to him were finally becoming a reality. Just thinking of the possibilities, his amazing face and sensitive skin made me erect.

He met me at the airport and looked even better in person than in the two or three photos he sent me. He joined me in the cab to the 5 star hotel in which my company arranged for me to stay while my final living arrangements were being made. En route, we stared intently into each other’s eyes, knowing that a promise was to be kept. Though we made small talk to pass the time, I could tell that he was anxious about the experience of being tied down. It is one thing to make a promise for something that you don’t expect to happen anytime soon, it is another altogether to fulfill it. Having already learned that he was a man of his word, I could see why he was a little nervous. Aside from the hug at the airport, we did not touch. This added to my anticipation.

Once in the hotel room, I dropped my luggage and threw him on the bed. As it was summer, he was only wearing sandals, shorts and a tank top. I immediately took off his sandals, then his shirt, then his shorts; he wasn’t wearing underwear. My erection nearly tore my trousers. He had an incredibly thick, 8 inch, uncut dick that was attached to a smooth, slender body. As I took out the fur-lined, leather restraints from my suitcase, he smiled nervously at me, knowing that I was going to make good on what I told him I wanted.

Without being told, he laid back on the bed with his cock completely hard. I first secured his bare ankles to the end of the bed, then his wrists to the posts. He tugged on the restraints to see how secure they were. When he realized he couldn’t move much, his dick jumped as he looked at me with the certain knowledge of his vulnerability. I smiled and nodded my approval. While taking inventory of what I was about to experience, as well as taking off my clothes, I asked him if he was comfortable. He nodded yes. I was in heaven as I stared at his impressive erect penis, his flat tummy that surrounded a remarkable indented navel the size of a large coin, and his nipples that were so huge and supple that I began to salivate. The look in his eyes said volumes; he was ready to cross over into my world of pleasure. My heart was beating so hard that I was sure he could hear it. I did not wait any longer. I COULD not wait any longer. I began my journey into ecstasy.

I lied directly on top of him, wearing only my underwear. I kissed his mouth for several minutes, holding his head in my hands, while feeling his tongue sensuously dart around mine. I slowly began licking and kissing his cheeks, his chin, his shoulders, his chest. His breathing got harder, but he did not begin to moan until I began to swirl my warm tongue over his left nipple. It was so large that it seemed like my tongue might never find its border. When it did reach the opposite edge, I began to swirl the other way. I held him down by his shoulders so that I might hear him groan even louder as I flicked my tongue and chewed the bulb of his tit. He was more vocal than I was expecting. Now both of us were breathing hard and he began to twist and turn on the bed as if he could actually escape the restraints I so carefully fastened.

My mouth moved to his other nipple and began to chew on that one, while my right hand tweaked, caressed and massaged his now wet left nipple. His moans became louder and more consistent, which put me into a frenzy. I continued to lick, flick, bite, caress, suck, massage, grasp and pinch his huge nipples with my mouth and hands for another 30 minutes. All the while, he panted, moaned, twitched and squirmed. It was a good thing he was tied down, as he might have launched through the ceiling. At this point, my cock was so hard that it began to hurt.

His skin was so smooth that I now had to taste other parts of his body. While my fingers maintained their attention on both of his gigantic, sensitive nipples, I slowly moved my mouth down his slim, smooth torso. His moans and panting were such a turn on that pre-cum was now oozing out of my rock hard cock. His smell was so perfect that I began to sniff him in between licks. He said something in Dutch, which must have meant “Oh God”, but this is only a guess.

As my mouth reached his stomach, he jerked as if to indicate how sensitive he was in certain spots. I took advantage of this knowledge and bit, sucked and licked his obliques. He moaned loudly and twisted sharply. Alternating from left to right, I teased his sides for some time, listening to him yell, screech and laugh in rapturous torture. When my tongue reached his sizable navel, it stopped and began to explore the creases and crevices it found there. He was so turned on that he once again began to gently twist and turn under the prodding of my fingers and tongue which now had full control of his massive nipples and navel. His delirious sighs told me that he was having a very good time. I felt comfortable lying there with my tongue probing his extensive belly button, my fingers twisting, flicking and gently pinching his enormous nipples. All the while, his stomach raised and lowered, as if to both beg for me to continue and stop. I chose to continue. Occasionally, in between sighs, he would groan in ecstasy, pulling at the restraints.

After a good while, I decided his dick was hard enough. Leaving a shallow puddle in his navel, my tongue followed the slight hair trail to the tip of his throbbing dick and began to lap and chew on his foreskin. When I looked to see the expression on his face, I saw him with his eyes closed and mouth open, as if he were going to say something important. Yet, he only continued to writhe and pant as I worked his nipples and sucked his cock. I got an incredible rhythm going; his dick fitting perfectly in my mouth. When I got close to the base of his cock, I would close my mouth tighter for its return trip to the head. His moans told me he loved this. Periodically, I would suck his golf-sized balls, while thoroughly enjoying his marvelous musk.

He began to pump my face with his dick so all I needed to do was open my throat, swirl my tongue around the smooth, soft skin of his rigid dick, and tighten my mouth at the base. Occasionally, he would stop to rest his hips. This was when I worked the huge head of his cock which was now exposed from his foreskin due to his massive erection. By caressing his flat stomach, his damp navel and his erect nipples, my fingers were very busy as well. He moaned the entire time. After a good half hour, he came. As a matter of fact, he came in buckets. I swallowed every drop, and then worked whatever juice out that was left in him with my mouth. All the while he groaned, yelled, jerked and convulsed while fighting the restraints. I came in my pants and moaned loudly while still sucking the remaining juice from his now withering cock.

Finally, I let his large, erect nipples rest. I had sucked all the juice out of him. I raised my head and saw him smiling from ear to ear. He was glistening from perspiration, still breathing hard from exhaustion, his hair matted on his forehead.

“Your mouth and fingers are amazing!” he gasped in a slight Dutch accent. “Thank you for the most incredible time!” He then glanced at the restraints as if to hint he was ready to get up.

I smiled, and said flatly, “Don’t thank me yet. Rest up a bit. Round two is just a few minutes away.”

I patted his flat tummy, then got up to head for the shower to clean up. He lay back, as if to resign himself to his predicament, then closed his eyes, smiled and groaned.

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